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A Debt Paid In Ink

Released: August 9, 2017

This is it. The wait is over. The first collection of poetry from Rad Press Publishing author Clyde Hurlston has finally arrived. This book features over 160+ original pieces of poetry. Along with striking cover art, original interior art pieces, and the interior itself designed by the incomparable Rad Press Publishing Founder/CEO, Mitch Green. The man whom has quickly become one of the most highly sought after artists in design. 

A Debt Paid In Ink is a collection unlike any other. It is a poetry book comprised of three acts, aimed at taking the reader on a journey throughout its pages. Its creation was both a labor of love, and true undertaking for its writer. And he is both excited and relieved to offer it here now to the world. For the patient who have waited, and the ones who say it took too damn long, we are eternally grateful for you both. Because as we said before, the wait is over. So make sure that you don't miss out on your chance to own it, and order yours today!!

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A Debt Paid In Ink?
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TITLE: The title of my book, as you all know by now, is A Debt Paid In Ink. And that title is really more than just a book title for me. It's become a mantra of sorts as well as my nom de guerre you could say. As well as what one could call my brand name. It's the handle for this Facebook page, as well as my pages on Twitter and Instagram. And the reason being is that all of my social media pages were created to expose people to my style of writing and eventually prepare them for this book. 

And as for the reason why this title/phrase is so important to me, that is easily explained. Friends, I truly believe that writing has saved my life. That is not hyperbole. I believe that if it weren't for being able to express myself this way, I would've done something terrible to myself a long time ago. So this book is the culmination of many years of my life. Pieces that were assembled over a six year period and were all reworked and retouched. Some were rewritten entirely and some felt perfect and were untouched. And all of them were combined with brand new pieces and all put together in one collection, with the idea being that if I did nothing else in life, this collection, this book could stand as something I could be proud of. Something I could give back to the craft that saved my life. And if nothing else, even if no one even purchased one copy, my "debt" would be paid, and I could walk away with my head held high. 

IMAGE: The cover images to the book are both striking and I'm sure to some, dark and controversial. But allow me a few moments to explain them to you all. Because nothing I do is done for shock value. Everything has a reason behind it. The figure and pose you see on the front cover is most commonly associated with whom we know as Jesus Christ. But as you can see, this image is different. This image was based off of a concept I had in my head and was created masterfully by Mitch Green. The figure is called The Faceless Martyr. Who, in my mind, has become the unofficial mascot for the Debt Paid In Ink brand. Which is the reason why Ink is dropping from the open wounds you see in the hands. 

But the reason the martyr is Faceless is because it can be anyone of us. We have become so comfortable with the idea of martyrdom in our society, that this concept doesn't frighten us. From the time we are children, we are taught the story of Jesus, and how he died for our sins. And back when I actually believed such things, I remember thinking how unfair that was. How I didn't deserve to have Jesus do that for me. I should have to suffer for my own sins. But in life, we are okay with others suffering for us. We tell ourselves that it's okay. We wrap ourselves in clichés like, "the good suffer for the bad;" as if that is the way it's supposed to be. But it's not. And that is the reason why if you look at the cover, in the space where the face of Jesus would be, you see the phrase, "Your Face Here." A not-so-subtle suggestion that we all pay our own debts in life.

Because when it comes down to it, we even make martyrs of each other. When our relationships fail, when we meet someone new, we make that person pay for the sins of the person who broke our hearts. We put them on a cross they didn't earn, all so we can attempt to feel like we're in control again. But as for who's really in control? Well she's on the back cover. The Dark Goddess, Mistress Vida. She represents Life. She is beautiful. She is alluring. She will draw you in. But she will never let you survive in the long run. And because we are all at her mercy, there is a bonus piece in the book dedicated to her. Entitled simply, "Mistress."

NOTE: For my those of you with little ones, please take heed to the parental advisory/explicit material warning label on the back cover. The book contains very, very strong language and mature themes in the pieces. As they were written by an adult and intended to be read by others adults, so please exercise your parental discretion before allowing younger members of the family to read. 

CONTENT: Now that you the stories behind the title and the covers, I can tell you just a little more about the content. The book contains 160+ pieces of original writing, and it comes in at just over 300 pages. So it will be well worth your time and your money, I hope. The book has a subtitle; which is, "The Salvation Of Sanity In Three Acts." The reason for this is again rather simple. The book was written and assembled to pay my debt to the craft of writing for saving not only my life, but my sanity as well. And the reason why it lists this specific number, is because, you guessed it: the book is broken down into three acts. 

See? Normally, poetry isn't the most demanded of the writing genres. So poets tend to release their work in smaller books called chapbooks. Which can range anywhere from 50-150 pages depending on the writer's preference and their budget. The reason why A Debt Paid In Ink has three acts is because the book is essentially three chapbooks compiled into one collection for you to own at once and read at your leisure. A self contained trilogy. With the idea being again, that if I did nothing else in life, I would have completed this trilogy, this collection, and my debt would have been paid. Now while I won't tell you what the acts are here, I will tell you that each act has a title and a beautiful piece of art that introduces it. Designed by Mitch. And within each act there is what I call a "centerpiece," which is a piece that I felt was so important that it is the anchor for the entire act and thus has its own piece of art that was designed by Mitch just for that respective piece. In an attempt, to show you all the importance of that piece. 

So there you have it, my friends. 
I have given you all of the information that I can without spoiling thing for you.
It is up to you now, to discover what lies within the pages for you.
Please don't wait any longer.
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"I'm so glad that you could come, and feel the joys of martyrdom..."
© 2017 by Clyde Hurlston.