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Here you will find all of the titles that Reflections Of Janus have proudly published on behalf of author Clyde R. Hurlston. All print titles are available in hardcover and softcover formats, through all major online bookstores. For Ebook readers, all titles are available exclusively with Amazon and their Kindle services. the titles for your reading enjoyment are as follows:

A Debt Paid In Ink - Clyde Hurlston Cove
A Debt Paid In Ink

Re-released on February 16, 2021.

In this 2nd edition of his First offering, Clyde Hurlston seduces rhythmic verse to portray both prose and poetry in this collection of the raw, and viscerally embodied. His direct temperament to provoke lyrically rabid banter, seeks out the authentic grit he explores. "A Debt Paid In Ink" is a boiling body of work, melodically penned to punch you in the teeth. Gravitating between social commentary and introspective analysis, this collection is a must-read for those looking to make sense of the world around, as well as within.

Clyde Hurlston - Letters From The Bell T
Letters From The Bell TOwer

Released on April 20, 2021.

In his second volume of poetry, Clyde Hurlston seeks to illuminate every corner of his own interiority; in an effort to escape both the restrictive nature of his comfort zones and the weight of his self-imposed limitations. "Letters From The Bell Tower" is a collection of poetry, prose, and personal philosophy that, at times, can be romantic and passionate. Uplifting and insightful. And at other times, it is angry, biting, and visceral. Its every piece written with the aims of helping the author makes sense of a world gone mad whilst simultaneously making sense of a perspective earned through a life of isolation. Drawing inspiration from a tale of classic literature, and seemingly prescient in current times of social distancing, Clyde Hurlston has sought to create a collection even more special than his debut book,.



In his third collection of poetry and prose, Broken Sky, writer Clyde Hurlston journeys into his own literary past. Pouring through scores of pieces in his personal archive, the author of A Debt Paid In Ink and Letters From The Bell Tower, simultaneously realizes how far he has come and just how lost he was in his youth. Tackling such heavy subjects as depression and suicide, love and loss, along with the ills of society; this collection is not recommended for the faint of heart or easily offended. Written at a time when the author felt he and even the sky itself was broken, Clyde Hurlston uses his pen to prove what once was broken can be made whole again--one piece at a time.

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